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On my coaching 
“Dea immediately dug in; helping me peel back the layers to what was at the heart of the matter and where specifically I was stagnating. Her fresh point of view and probing helped to identify blockages and limitations I was creating for myself. She helped me to construct a clear path and gave me tools to get on, and stay on that path. She has a keen sense of prioritization, scheduling and organizing and her guidance and ideas made a difference in how I approach tasks...  Dea possesses a unique blend of professional, personal and creative savvy to help people in every facet of their life. “

-ST, former District Manager, Pocket Wireless

"I was going through a major career crisis - deciding between two great companies - and received immense benefit from frequent 'prep' and 'check-in' sessions with Dea throughout the entire process. I literally consulted her every step of the way, and she was there to help me make the right decisions. Her coaching skills were invaluable, and without her I would never have been able to negotiate the great role I now have."
-DVH, Senior Consultant, top-tier management consulting firm


"Dea was just the shot in the arm I needed to take control of my career. I learned about creating attainable goals and taking smarter steps to achieve what I needed to get my job search moving. Dea's personal approach and positive energy made it easier for me to make better, more realistic decisions, stop feeling overwhelmed, and finally take action.  All I can say is that her coaching works. I can't recommend her enough!"

-AF, Senior Team Member, Award-winning National Lifestyle Brand


On my work and management style 

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“Dea routinely delivers quality work, and understands the balance of managing a project but involving and staying in touch along the way with her client.... She is a team player who is well respected by her staff and who stands by them...she provides opportunity for her people to develop and shares the credit.... As her manager over the years, I have found her a joy to work with. 

She is business focused and proactive. She knows how to express her views and push for what she believes in, but she also knows to accept and proceed within the constraints that the team she is working with will endorse, and to fully buy in as the lead member of that team. Bottom line, she is the consummate professional, and I would recommend her most highly and unequivocally.”
-RJF, former President and CEO, ORC Worldwide